Culture of Inquiry at Lewis University

Previous Awardees


Lewis University Faculty Scholars

Dr. Thomas Bristow, Department of Psychology - "The Relationship Between Movement and Memory: The Effect of Finger Pointing on Improving Memory for Location"

Dr. Elizabeth Hoppe, Department of Philosophy - "An Ethical Investigation Into the Benefits of Ecotourism"

Dr. Sheila M. Kennedy, Department of English - "On Teaching Writing and Mindfulness: Connections and Best Practices"

Dr. Jamil Mustafa, Department of English - "Haunting 'The Harlot's House'"

Dr. Dawn S. Walts, Department of English - "Women's Time: The Shewings of Julian of Norwich and The Book of Margery Kempe"

Lewis University Caterpillar Scholar

Dr. Jerry H. Kavouras, Department of Biology - Dreissenid Recruitment in Milwaukee Harbor - Ten Years Later"


Lewis University Faculty Scholars

Dr. Simone Muench, Department of English - "A Heroic Crown of Sonnets: The Collaborative Act from Writing to Publishing to Teaching"

Dr. Jackie White, Department of English - "Something Worth Saying: Essays on Caribbean Women Writers, 1981-1997"

Dr. Nancy Workman, Department of English - "I Wished to Tell the Whole Truth: Sexual Contagion in 'The Tenant of Wildfell Hall'"


Lewis University Faculty Scholars

Dr. Karen Trimble-Alliaume, Department of Theology - "Who Do We Say We Are? Catholic Feminist Theology and Critical Methodologies"

Dr. Elizabeth Hoppe, Department of Philosophy - "The Ethical Dimensions of Regulatory Capture"

Dr. Seung Kim, College of Education - "Comparison of Pedagogical Effectiveness of Using Web 1.0 and Web 2.0 Technologies for Learning 21st Century Skill in Global Learning Communities"

Dr. Lynn Tovar and Dr. Tracey Nicholls, Department of Justice, Law and Public Safety and Department of Philosophy - "Portrait of Relationship Dysfunction: Impact of Technology on Domestic Abuse"

Dr. Ray Klump, Department of Mathematics and Computer Science - "Protecting the Cyber Security of the Electrical Smart Grid through Real-Time Coordination"

Lewis University Caterpillar Scholar

Dr. Jason Keleher, Department of Chemistry - "Design and Characterization of Nanocomposites for Applications in 'Artificial' Photosynthesis"