Service Learning Courses

Fall 2017 SL Courses
  • Practicing Faithful Justice: Dr. Christie Billups
  • Cultural Diversity and Intergroup Relations: Dr. Jennifer Buntin
  • Foundations of Peace Studies: Dr. Jim Burke
  • Introduction to Professional Writing: Dr. Jennifer Consilio
  • Software Systems Capstone: Dr. Cindy Howard
  • Strategic Management: Dr. James Krejci
  • State & Local Government: Dr. Laurette Liesen
  • Field Experience 1: Community and School Immersion: Ann O’Brien
  • Methods and Content of Teaching Social Studies: Dr. Elizabeth Sturm
  • Community Engaged Learning Leadership Seminar: Laura Wilmarth Tyna
What to Expect in a Service Learning Course
  • Apply what you’re learning in the classroom while serving real needs in the community
  • 20 hours or more of service learning in the community will supplement and transform traditional course materials and instruction
  • Collaborate with peers, the course instructor and community partner representatives
  • Reflect on your experience in the community as well as integrate experiential learning with in-class readings, input, and assignments
  • Contribute to the learning of other classmates
  • Deepen understanding and appreciation for culture, realities, joys, and challenges as found in the community where service is offered
  • Develop leadership skills and grow in confidence as potential agents of change
Benefits of Service Learning to Students
  • Enhance learning and enthusiasm for subject area
  • Enrich resume
  • Refine career goals
  • Better develop disciplinary skills from applications in real world settings
  • Achieve a higher level of confidence through reflection , improved competency, and knowledge beyond the classroom