The Navigators are a group of motivated, active, and energetic students who assist the Office of Admission with various recruitment functions. Navigators serve as liaisons between the University and prospective students by assisting with campus tours, Campus Visit Day Programs, and contacting students.

Ashley Chaplin
Ashley Chaplin
Class of 2016

What high school did you attend?
Lockport Township High School

What is your hometown? Lockport, IL

What is your major?
Mass Communications

Why did you choose Lewis? The small knit community aspect really drove me to attend Lewis along with the beautiful campus!

What activities do you participate in at Lewis? I participate in campus media, such as our radio and TV station.

What do you do with your free time? In my free time I like to relax and hang out with friends

People would be surprised to know this about you...
I am addicted to Netflix! Once I start watching a season of a TV show, I can't stop!