Secondary Education, B.A.

As a Secondary Education teacher, you will have no greater opportunity to make a huge difference in a middle school or high school student's life - whether by encouraging a student with low self-esteem, helping a struggling student to understand a difficult topic, or pushing a gifted learner to take advantage of their talents.

In short, the life of a Secondary Education teacher is fun, challenging and always interesting. So is the Secondary Education program at Lewis that will help you get there, with small class sizes, committed faculty, and a community environment that encourages collective learning.

At Lewis University, Secondary Education students will become licensed to effectively teach high school students grades 9-12 and complete two majors - one in Secondary Education, and the other in the academic subject you plan to teach in, including: Along with your general education curriculum, you will learn specific and customized educational methods for Secondary Education, including:
  • Technology for Teaching and Learning
  • Instructional Strategies and Learning Communities for Adolescents
  • Characteristics and Development of the Adolescent Learner
  • Exceptional Learners in Inclusive Communities
Plus, your 100 hours of field work will give you vital experience in a wide variety of teaching environments, including middle school, junior high and senior high classrooms within both public and private schools. All so you can discover your true passions, learn how to modify your teaching styles for different students, cultures and environments, and be prepared to effectively teach any student.

Start planning your Secondary Education program curriculum today!

Student Talk

  • Michael Dellacroce

    "I feel that I’ll have a great time teaching students, getting to know them better and incorporating some of my own ideas for education, complementary to what Lewis has taught me."