While few philosophy students will choose to become philosophers, a philosophy degree offers strong preparation for careers in many fields. Along with a comprehensive liberal arts background, the Philosophy of Law program provides intensive training in both communication and critical thinking. These skills are required for jobs in fields as varied as law, psychology, social work, education, business, marketing, publishing, museum work, nonprofit organizations and the ministry.

In addition, the Philosophy of Law degree provides great preparation for law school or graduate study. The reasoning and writing skills you develop will prepare you for success on the LSAT (required for admission to law school) or the GRE (required for admission to most graduate programs). Some law-related careers to consider:

  • Attorney in corporate or private practice
  • Legal counsel for government or corporations
  • Public defender
  • Politician - local, state or national
  • Public advocate
  • Educator at law school or college
  • Librarian in a law library

Follow the link for more detailed information on careers for philosophy majors from Lewis' Career Services office.