Philosophy, B.A.

For those who question what others don't.

Explore what you believe and learn to effectively communicate it with a Philosophy degree from Lewis University.

"True philosophy is relearning to see the world." - Maurice Merleau-Ponty

There is much more to philosophy than just sitting outdoors and contemplating the meaning of life - but that's part of your Philosophy degree at Lewis University in which you will:
  • Analyze and interpret the works of past and modern philosophers
  • Examine basic questions concerning correct reasoning and the nature and sources of human knowledge and values
  • Investigate fundamental questions surrounding nature, being, reason, knowledge and faith that philosophers have wrestled with for centuries
  • Develop speaking and writing skills that enable you to communicate your own views effectively
  • Learn to analyze, develop and formulate logical arguments
  • Better your life through real-life and practical application of philosophical thoughtfulness
Philosophy Course Options Include:
  • Introduction to Philosophy
  • Logic
  • Ancient and Medieval Philosophy
  • Ethics (Action and Values)
  • Philosophical Issues in Race and Gender
  • Philosophies of Asia, Africa and Native America
  • African-American Philosophy
  • LBGTQ Rights and Issues
  • Love, Hatred and Resentment
  • Existentialism
  • Philosophy of God
  • Metaphysics and Epistemology
  • Modern Philosophy
  • Philosophy of Dance
  • Philosophy of Yoga
Life after Lewis
The philosopher's ability to see the world - not as it is, but how it should be - is why more and more companies are trusting philosophy majors to help create new markets and paradigms for business, industry and state. Lewis Philosophy degree graduates go on to succeed in graduate school, law school or a wide variety of careers which require intensive communication and critical thinking skills, including education, business, psychology, social work, public administration and health care.

Philosophy is a very popular minor for students looking to add a critical thinking skillset to their degree program.

Dual Major
Philosophy is a popular dual major, often earned in combination with programs such as Political Science, English, Physics, and Criminal/Social Justice.

Market Demand

"Philosophy and entrepreneurship are a surprisingly good fit. Some of the most successful tech entrepreneurs and innovators come from a philosophy background and put the critical thinking skills they developed to good use launching new digital services to fill needs in various domains of society." - The Huffington Post

"Philosophy is the #1 earning humanities major for mid-career earning potential." - The Wall Street Journal