Master of Science in Information Security (MSIS)

Help protect organizations by protecting their data.

Information Security professionals are in great demand - individuals qualified to analyze, plan, and implement computer security strategies to safeguard organizations and their data.

Cyber attacks have become a national security issue. The challenges of securing the ever-growing quantity and value of online data continue to increase, and the stakes for protecting such data have never been greater. Our nation needs people who are skilled in keeping data secure. An important component of a healthy cyber defense is the ability to identify the causes of breaches after they happen to prevent the same kind of attack in the future. Systems of all kinds need people at the helm who understand both current and future threats to their computer security and can counteract them. The Lewis University Master of Science in Information Security (MSIS) program will prepare you to do just that, and be ready for a challenging and well-paying career in information security.

Lewis University's MSIS degree program is designed to:

  • Provide you with technical skills and techniques for securing a variety of computing platforms
  • Teach you to make managerial decisions informed by cyber security considerations, including how to quantify the value of IT assets and the risk associated with losing them
  • Help you understand the computer science that underlie cyber attacks and efforts to counteract them so you can respond to new attacks as they evolve
  • Examine the vulnerabilities associated with database systems, web applications and operating systems, how to find them, and how to recover data corrupted when such systems are compromised
  • Convey the legal, ethical and privacy issues associated with information security
  • Prepare you to take the highly regarded CISSP Certification Exam
As a student in this innovative program, you will take a shared set of core courses to receive a solid understanding of both the technical and managerial issues that face information security professionals. Then, choose one of the two concentrations to expand your understanding of the side of information security - technical or managerial - that interests you most.

  • Technical Concentration
    Designed for IT professionals interested in identifying security breaches, implementing security solutions to comply with security policies and procedures, and resolving security problems when and where they arise. This hands-on concentration examines how information systems can be made secure, including information processing systems, secure operating systems and applications, network security, cryptography, security protocols and other issues that confront those charged with securing information networks.

  • Management Concentration
    Designed for information technology (IT) leaders, information security managers, and directors who are responsible for designing, recommending, and maintaining the IT infrastructure and information security controls. The management concentration has hands-on courses in cybercrime identification and prevention, computer forensics, ethical hacking, database security, risk management, and information security governance and compliance.
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Near the end of your program, you will take two focused seminars designed to prepare you for the CISSP certification exam. Then, you will complete your studies with a 16-week research project of your choice under the guidance of an expert in the field, and be prepared to graduate uniquely well-versed in both the computer science of cyber security and its impact on and integration into the business environment.

Convenient Learning Options
Lewis' MSIS program is designed to accommodate the needs of working professionals, with evening courses offered in an eight-week format (typically from 6-10 PM). We offer rolling admission, so you can start at any time. Program courses are currently offered at our main Romeoville campus, largely in a blended format, meaning many in-class lectures are broadcast simultaneously online and archived for the added convenience of the working adult balancing work, school and family.

100% Online Option
This degree program can also be completed within a flexible 100% online format - convenient for the working adult.

Information Security or Data Science?
Data Science tools have become an essential resource for cyber security threat identification, prioritization and prevention. Our two graduate fields are complementary pursuits and Information Security Specialists and Data Scientists at Lewis will work together very closely to create solutions to mine, interpret and protect an organization’s data.

Start customizing your Master of Science in Information Security program curriculum today!

Or for those students who do not yet have an undergraduate degree, learn more about our MSIS Fast-Track Option.

Student Talk

  • Arsalan Shaikh
    Technical Engineer, Brocade Communications

    "Lewis' MSIS program opened up doors for me. While in school, I landed my first IT job as a Security Specialist, and just 3 months after graduating, I started a position as a Technical Engineer."

  • Felinda E. Holmes
    Systems Administrator, Will County State's Attorney's Office

    "My job and personal life were so hectic, but with the flexibility of Lewis' MSIS program, I was able to schedule the majority of classes around my own schedule. Plus, my instructors' knowledge and real-world examples have provided me with information that will last a lifetime."

  • Vijai Sainath
    Security Engineer, ikaSystems

    "One of my favorite things about this program was the option to choose a concentration track. The technical track really helped me build a solid technical foundation, and my experience at Lewis was fantastic."

  • Kyle Hess
    Electronic Crime Instructor, Des Moines Area Community College

    "Lewis' MSIS program was integral in me starting a new career. I would not have even been considered for my current position without graduating from the MSIS program. And the night classes allowed me to pursue my degree while working full time."

  • George Jordan
    Senior Information System Security Analyst, CMass Technologies

    "Lewis' MSIS degree program provided me with the knowledge and skills required to establish a security consulting division in a firm that originally offered accounting and managed services."

  • Veo Taylor

    "I came into the program thinking information security only addressed technical issues. Lewis' MSIS program opened up my eyes to the business, government, and social aspects of Information Security - which, in turn, opened my career paths wide open."

  • Nancy Kolb
    IT Project Manager, Feeding America

    "Lewis' MSIS degree helped me obtain a new promotion, with additional responsibilities in the areas of Business Continuity and SOX Compliance."

  • Amy Maskiewicz
    Regional Computer Forensics Lab, Chicago Police Department

    "The combination of managerial and technical courses offered in Lewis' MSIS program gave me a broader understanding of the operations of a technological environment - along with the formal training and confidence I needed for my current position."