Mathematics, B.S.

Become a professional problem solver.

At Lewis, you can turn your love for math into an exciting career.

As a math major, you will learn how to think numerically and quantify the abstract. Through advanced courses in algebra, calculus, discrete mathematics, differential equations, probability, statistics and more, you will obtain the perfect preparation for exciting careers in science, engineering, business, computing and law school.

Why Lewis for your Math Degree?
  • Small class sizes and approachable faculty
  • Great internship opportunities, including with Argonne National Laboratory
  • Access to cutting-edge mathematics software, including Maple, MATLAB, SPSS and Geometer's Sketchpad
  • Undergraduate research opportunities
  • Annual participation in the Associated Colleges of the Chicago Area math competition
Life after Lewis
Many of our students go on to grad school, while others use their advanced mathematics skills and newfound background in problem solving, computer technology and critical thinking for success in careers such as:
  • Actuarial Science
  • Computer Engineering
  • Computer Science
  • Data Mining
  • Environmental Analysis
  • Information Analysis
  • Law
  • Quality Control
  • Research and Development
  • Risk Assessment
  • Statistical Analysis
  • Teaching
Learn more about your career options with a degree in math.

Mathematics, B.S.
Take a job right after Lewis in research and development or prepare for graduate level studies.

Start planning your Mathematics, B.S. program curriculum today!

Mathematics, B.A.
The Bachelor of Arts program is designed for students with math-related professional goals that do not necessarily require additional graduate study.

Start planning your Mathematics, B.A. program curriculum today!

Mathematics Minor
Add a mathematics minor to your degree program and increase your career marketability for life after Lewis.

Computer Science Double Major Option
Many students combine a math degree with a computer science degree for increased marketability.

Student Talk

  • Melanie Harrison

    College Math was easier for Melanie Harrison than high school math. How? She says her professors made the difference. Now she's a Math major and presenting her math solutions at national conferences.

Market Demand

#1 ranked job of 2014 by CareerCast, due to the career versatility of a mathematician, median annual salary of $101,630 and projected job growth of 22% by 2022.

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Math is the Perfect Degree for Problem Solvers
If you love these math riddles and brain teasers, you will fit in great at Lewis.