Marketing, B.S.

Learn real-world marketing from experienced marketing professionals.

It's a new world. Using old-school strategies to market products, services and ideas simply doesn't work anymore.

Information-on-demand. Technological evolution. Cultural diversity. These trends require organizations to adopt new marketing strategies. Marketing that influences product design. Marketing that incorporates social feedback. That's why Lewis' marketing degree curriculum combines theoretical concepts with real-world application - preparing you to take an organization into the new world of marketing. Marketing degree students have great internship opportunities where you will be able to apply the skills you have learned.

As a Marketing degree student at Lewis University, you will:
  • Develop skills in market research, advertising, public relations and salesmanship
  • Work on real marketing projects for real companies
  • Learn how to utilize social media marketing in promotional and engagement activities
  • Understand how Web metrics and analytics can bring accountability to marketing strategies
  • Learn design principles and their relationship with marketing communications
Social Media Marketing Concentration
Plus, Lewis offers a Social Media Marketing track, where you will learn how to incorporate new marketing concepts, strategies and analysis through the communication vehicles of Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, LinkedIn and more.

Start customizing your Marketing degree curriculum today!

Marketing Minor Options Double-Major Option
Accounting, Business Administration, Information Systems, Economics and Finance majors may earn an additional major in Marketing by completing the following coursework.

Student Talk

  • Greg Carter

    "What's different about the Marketing program here at Lewis is our professors have more real-world experience - coming in from outside the teaching world."