International Business, B.S.

Earn a degree in International Business and prepare to take on the international marketplace with a global perspective.

Your competition isn't around the corner. It's all around the world. Learn to compete in this world without walls.

More than ever, individuals with strong business backgrounds, marketing and accounting expertise - especially from an international standpoint - are highly desired. With an International Business degree from Lewis University, you will attain the global academic foundation companies are looking for and be ready for an exciting and rewarding career - wherever your job interests or travels take you.

You will learn:
  • International business best practices
  • Cross-cultural communication skills
  • Foundational marketing
  • Accounting methodologies
Study Abroad Experiences
Students who choose to earn an International Business degree are encouraged to learn around the world with long- and short-term study abroad options in China, Ireland, Mexico, India, France and more.

Choose between two academic concentrations:

International Business Concentration:
Learn to identify opportunities and solve problems in foreign markets, communicate effectively and manage enterprises across national borders. Learn how politics and local government affect business strategy and environments, and how cultural differences affect work styles and relationships.

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International Accounting Concentration:
This concentration will introduce you to global accounting practices, with an emphasis on financial reporting and analysis, and standard setting.

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Student Talk

  • Lauren Grady

    Lauren Grady is an International Business with a double minor in Marketing and Spanish at Lewis University in Romeoville.

    She shares how the International Business program provides a solid ethical foundation for her career that will take her around the globe. Her Study Abroad experience in Spain expands her horizons.