Elementary Education, M.A.


Who is the 21st century student? What do they look like? More importantly, how do you prepare to meet them in the classroom - so that each student has a positive and transformative learning experience? You prepare by understanding the reality of the 21st century classroom, which is made up of English language learners, students with special needs, highly proficient students and everyone in between.

In Lewis University's Accelerated M.A. in Elementary Education Program, you will learn to provide effective and differentiated instruction and assessment, using technology in the classroom to successfully engage your students. Plus, with challenging theoretical education and hands-on in-class experiences, you can earn your elementary education degree and your teaching license in a year and a half - learning specific and customized educational methods through courses such as:

  • Methods of Teaching Reading and Integrated Language Arts, K-9
  • Methods of Teaching Social Studies and Multicultural Studies, K-9
  • Technology for Teaching and Learning
  • Curriculum and Instruction in Middle School

With small class sizes for personalized learning, and experienced faculty who are eager to assist in your networking opportunities, it's no wonder why more and more adults embark in this career change through Lewis University. Most importantly, local schools trust our graduates. In fact, Lewis University has developed an extraordinarily high reputation for producing exceptional teachers.

Our full-time cohort program begins each fall and allows you to learn with the same group of classmates throughout your studies at Lewis. You may choose to only complete the coursework and clinical hours needed for elementary licensure, or you may continue your studies and earn a Master of Arts in Elementary Education. You will also spend 100 hours as an instructional partner in one of our local partner schools with a helpful mentor teacher. During your final semester to complete your Master's, you will be working as a new teacher. At the end of this challenging program, you won't just be licensed to teach grades K-9, you will be ready to transform the next generation for the better.

Start customizing your program curriculum today!.


Elementary Education Degree Dr. Nancy Kennedy

"The accelerated elementary education program provides adults embarking on this career change with the methods, knowledge and tools necessary to provide 21st century students with the best possible education."