Economics, B.S.

Economics is more than money - it's a study of human behavior.

Understand the underlying forces at work in the market and help individuals and organizations create smarter financial strategies.

Lewis' comprehensive and applied economics curriculum blends theory with our dedicated faculty's practical experience. You will study human behavior and how it relates to producing, consuming and exchanging goods and services - all while developing a strong working knowledge of the international economy, taxes, inflation, monetary and fiscal policies, pricing and pricing structures.

As an Economics major at Lewis University, you will learn:
  • Basic and applied economic theory
  • How to interpret economic variables to predict how the market and economy will respond to certain events
  • How to use cutting edge technology to improve your forecasting abilities
  • The essential economic tools for organizing financial information and producing informed economic decisions.
Get the hands-on knowledge you need to succeed in your future career in research, education, banking, securities, finance, insurance, consulting and more.

Start customizing your Economics major program curriculum today!

Minor Options Double-Major Option
Accounting, Business Administration, Information Systems, Finance and Marketing majors may earn an additional major in Economics by completing the following coursework.