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Dr. YunTaek Pae
Name: Dr. YunTaek Pae

Office Location:
2012 Completed CFA Level III
2010 PhD, Illinois Institute of Technology
2005 MA Business, Korea Advanced Institute of Science and Technology
2003 BS Physics, Postech, Korea

Dr. Pae is an active finance researcher and educator. He earned his doctoral degree from Illinois Institute of Technology in three and half years. He worked for Allainz Global Investors as an equity analyst for two years during 2005-2007. His research interests are portfolio optimization, investments, and asset pricing. He teaches principles of finance, investments, fixe income anlysis, quantitative methods, etc. He also talks about current investment issues in a Korean TV channel in Chicago area every Friday.

Yuntaek Pae and Navid Sabbaghi, “Log-Robust Portfolio Management after Trading Costs”, OR Spectrum, Spring 2013

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Yuntaek Pae, "Idiosyncratic Volatility vs. Cash flow volatility", The Athenian Policy Forum, Book chapter, 2013

Current Research
Yuntaek Pae and Navid Sabbaghi , “Why do equally weighted portfolios have higher returns and volatilities than value weighted portfolios?”, submitted, 2013

Yuntaek Pae and Navid Sabbaghi, “Log-Robust Portfolio Management Strategies that Outperform the 1/n Strategy”, submitted, 2013.

Yuntaek Pae, Omid Sabbaghi, and Navid Sabbaghi, “Cash Flow and Stock Return”, working paper.

Robert J. Atra and Yuntaek Pae, “Can Taxes Save Dollar-Cost Averaging?”, working paper.

Yuntaek Pae, “Volatility ratio as risk measure”, working paper.