Graduate Course Catalog 2011-2013

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Total Credit Hours: 60

Candidates seeking a doctoral degree must fulfill the following requirements:

  1. Hold at minimum a masterís degree in an educationally-related field from an accredited institution of higher education.

  2. Five years of teaching, administrative or leadership experience preferred.

  3. Complete a graduate application form.

  4. Complete a written essay on a topic identified by the College of Education.

  5. Submit Graduate Record Examination scores (valid within last 5 years).

  6. Submit two letters of recommendation from professors, employers, or advisors.

  7. Submit complete official transcripts from all institutions previously attended.

  8. Complete a personal interview.

See complete admission requirements in College of Education introduction.

Candidates enrolled in the doctoral program can earn a Type 75 General Administrative Certificate with five additional classes.

51-558 School Finance and Business Management (3)

51-577 Staff Development and Supervision (3)

51-578 The Principalship (3)

51-588 Administrative Practicum I (3)

51-589 Administrative Practicum II (3)

Candidates enrolled in the doctoral program can earn a Superintendent Endorsement with three additional classes.

51-645 Collective Negotiations and Personnel Administration (3)

51-658 School Finance and Fiscal Management (3)

51-688 Leadership Practicum (3)

For information regarding these certificates, see the Ed.D. Program Director.

The Ed.D. Cohort will begin its study in the fall semester. During that semester, one of the classes will be held one night/week for three hours. The other class will be held every other Saturday for six hours. Summer classes will be offered in an intensive two-week session as well as six- and eight-week sessions.


51-710 Philosophy of Education (3)
51-712 Theories of Critical Transformative Leadership (3)
51-715 Foundations of Educational Inquiry (3)
51-722 Ethical and Moral Studies in Education (3)
51-723 Theories of Cultural Difference in Education (3)
51-725 Conceptualizing and Designing Research (3)
51-731 Critical Pedagogy and Assessment (3)
51-735 Qualitative Inquiry (3)
51-737 Curriculum Theory (3)
51-738 Critical Perspectives in School Law (3)
51-743 Topics in Globalization and Education (3)
51-745 Program Evaluation (3)
51-746 Theories of Institutional Transformation (3)
51-747 Organizational Theory (3)
51-757 Policy Studies in Education (3)
51-760 History of American Education (3)
51-765 Quantitative Inquiry (3)
51-775 Dissertation Seminar (3)
51-785 Dissertation (3)

Beyond coursework:
51-795 Dissertation Supervision (1)