COURSE: 05-300 Classroom Management with Field Experience II (50 field experience hrs.) (1)
This course is designed to give candidates a broad review of classroom management, including theories and applications for creating classroom environments that are conducive to learning in order to provide equitable learning outcomes for all students. Candidates will demonstrate understanding of and be evaluated on various aspects of classroom management, including classroom structure and routines, working with individual differences of students, and strategies of effective student engagement. Candidates will complete a minimum of 50 hours of field experience practice in an elementary or middle school where they will have experience in managing a classroom. Guidelines for the field experience are found in the College of Education Field Experiences Handbook. Candidates meet on campus with their University supervisor to discuss their work in the schools. The cooperating teacher and University supervisor conduct performance assessments of the pre-service teacher during this experience. Prerequisite: 2.75 GPA; Consent of Education Advisor; 05-240. Offered: Every semester.