Undergraduate Course Catalog 2007-2008

COURSE: 02-422 Functional Human Anatomy (2)

This is a one-semester course designed to teach the students the anatomical terminology and function of the limbs, trunk, head and neck. This is an advanced anatomy class where students will be expected to learn not only the functional anatomy of these body regions but the vascular and nerve supply with special emphasis on the origin, insertion and action of the muscles. In addition to lecture, students will have the opportunity to use Maniken™, an interactive study aid, to supplement the material discussed in class. This scaled-down model of the human skeleton will allow the student to reproduce basic body movements by applying special materials that simulate the musculature of the human body. The student's progress will be assessed through written examinations and class room exercises. The course will provide students pursuing degrees in selected pre-professional health programs with a solid foundation in advanced anatomy.

Prerequisite: 02-224; 02-226; 02-355; 02-356