Aviation Flight Management, B.S.

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How many schools offer the convenience of an airplane waiting right outside your door?

Your flight training begins your first week at Lewis. No waiting. Your two-hour flight block three times a week with your flight instructor will expedite the process to earn your wings. Plus, unlike many universities, Lewis gives you academic credit for any FAA pilot certificates or ratings you have already earned to fast-track your flying career.

Certified by the FAA under both Federal Aviation Regulations part 61 and 141, Lewis' flight program provides a wide range of training and certification - meaning you can complete your training in less time and for less money. You will not only learn the intricate skill of flying, but build a strong background in aerodynamics, propulsion systems, aircraft systems and aircraft performance, preparing you to successfully pass the written, oral and practical examinations required by the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) to receive your pilot license and ratings.

By graduation, you will be qualified for a career as a professional pilot, flight engineer, flight operations manager or aviation safety inspector for the FAA, having earned your:
  • Private Pilot Certificate
  • Instrument Rating and Commercial Pilot Certificates for Single and Multi-Engine Airplanes
  • Flight Instructor Airplane Certification
  • Flight Instructor Instrument Certification
In addition to tuition, you should budget approximately $7,000-$8,000 for aircraft rental and flight/ground instruction training costs per semester.

During the summer, most students don't have a full load of classes, and can focus 100% of their time (excluding work) on their flight training. Fly every day and accomplish in a few weeks what may normally take an entire semester.

If you have completed Private Pilot training before your first day at Lewis, you may "by-pass" Private Pilot Ground Schools I & II by passing our Private Pilot Stage III oral exam. Upon passing, you will receive 8 academic credit hours on your transcript (6 for ground schools and 2 for flight lab).

For non-aviation majors only, the Aviation Flight Management (Minor) will provide you with the FAA Commercial Pilot Certificate for Airplane Single-Engine Land and instrument rating.

Add an Aircraft Dispatch Minor and obtain your FAA Aircraft Flight Dispatcher Certificate to really increase your marketability.

You are going to be a professional pilot. It’s time to make your dream happen.

Market Demand

More than 617,000 commercial airline pilots will be required by 2035.
- Boeing Pilot and Technician Outlook

Student Talk

  • Patrick Pavelchik

  • Aviation Flight Program, Aviation flight degree Maj. Chris Kemp Pilot/Commanding Officer, United States Marine Corps

    "I decided to come to Lewis because I felt Lewis would offer me the best opportunity to succeed. The program encompasses all of the opportunities within the aviation industry. It's close to one of the most robust aviation industries in the nation. Plus, Lewis' size means that there is more attention paid to the student."