Air Traffic Control Management, B.S.

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A generation of Air Traffic Controllers is nearing retirement. These individuals are at the crux of aviation safety, and the next generation of protection must be ready to take over. Will you be one of them?

As an air traffic controller, your role can not be overdramatized. You are responsible for directing aircraft entering and leaving the airport, instructing pilots on when and where they can land and depart - minimizing flight delays, and most importantly, keeping passengers safe.

Through classroom instruction, laboratory simulations and hands-on learning in Lewis' state-of-the-art facilities, Lewis students will be fully prepared for entry into the FAA Academy*, where you will complete your air traffic control training.

*All students will need to pass the AT-SAT Aptitude Test before their final training at the FAA Academy in Oklahoma City.

Program Requirements:
  • Students entering the program directly after graduating from high school need to have earned a minimum 3.0 GPA and a 21 ACT or 1000 SAT.
  • Transfer students and students who have already earned a bachelor's degree must have a minimum 3.0 GPA.
FAA Requirements: The FAA has additional requirements for Air Traffic Controller positions, including physical and mental standards, along with the prerequisite that an individual must be hired before age 31.

Ready for this high-pressure, high-reward career?

Start customizing your Air Traffic Control Management program curriculum today!
Note: For the associate's degree program, it is preferred that students have earned a previous bachelor's degree since the bachelor's degree will likely present a greater opportunity for employment as an Air Traffic Controller.

Student Talk

  • Krista Zoller

  • Amy March

    "I love how knowledgeable and concerned the professors are toward students. Classes are small, and instruction is from first-hand knowledge of aviation."

  • Jacob Stuba

    "The onsite airport gives a college experience unlike any other aviation program. The small classes and tight knit group helps us all to network"

  • Robert Brancato

    "Lewis was one of the easiest choices I made. Every teacher has so much experience in the industry and is always ready and willing to help their students."

  • Nick Terry

    "Lewis has a sterling reputation for its aviation program, and the campus is located in the most exciting area in the country for aviation."

  • Joseph Coloner

    "The university has a great location in the Chicago Area with the best airports, home of United Airlines, and International Headquarters for Boeing International."


A Review of the FAA's Air Traffic Controller Hiring, Staffing and Training Plans