Aviation & Transportation Department

Aviation Academy at Chicago
Lewis University, City Colleges of Chicago, and the City of Chicago Department of Aviation are proud to announce a partnership for students interested in pursuing a career in aviation.

Students will complete an associate's degree from one of the seven City Colleges of Chicago and complete a bachelor's degree in either Air Traffic Control Management or Aviation Administration from Lewis University at De La Salle Institute in Chicago. All courses required for the degree programs will be offered in the evenings at De LaSalle Institute, 3434 S. Michigan Avenue.

$10,000 SCHOLARSHIP Aviation Academy at Chicago students may receive a $10,000 Lewis Scholarship upon full-time enrollment.  Scholarships are awarded from the Office of Admission at the time of admission into this program. All other financial aid eligibility can be determined by filing your FAFSA. Students will be eligible for financial assistance and scholarships from Lewis University by completing the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA).


  • Designed for students interested in working as air traffic controllers
  • Lewis is one of only 36 Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) approved by Air Traffic Collegiate Training Initiative (CTI) programs in the country and the only program in the state of Illinois.
  • Our program provides graduates with fundamental air traffic control knowledge and technical understanding through classroom and laboratory instruction.
  • Graduates qualify for entry into the FAA ATC Academy, where training is completed.
  • Designed to prepare students for careers as professional managers in aviation
  • Provides students with a background in both aviation and business administration
  • Career opportunities include management positions in the airline industry, aircraft manufacturing industry, governmental agencies, airport management and others.
  • Aviation security is a combination of Aviation Administration and Criminal Justice.  There are career opportunities with Homeland Security, FAA, Airlines, and Airports.
  • Lewis is one of three universities in the U.S. with an Aviation Security Program.
  • Professionals in Aviation Security develop safety programs for airports and aviation facilities.
  • This program provides students with the background to become Sky Marshalls and to keep aircraft safe.
  • Professionals in Aviation Security also find career opportunities working in safety and security for aviation manufacturing.
  • Applicants must either have a completed associate's art or science degree from one of the seven City Colleges of Chicago or the equivalent of 39-45 hours of transferable credit towards the general education core courses from another regionally accredited college, including: 9 hours of English/Communications, 9 hours of Fine Art/Humanities, 9 hours of social sciences, 3-5 hours of math, and 6-10 hours of science. City College students should consult with an advisor regarding the IAI GECC. Applicants must have a minimum 3.0 GPA for the Air Traffic Control major and 2.0 GPA for the Aviation Administration and Aviation Security majors.
  • Students can transfer a maximum of 72 credits from the City Colleges toward completion of the 128 required credit hours for each degree. Transfer students from a college other than the City Colleges should contact the Office of Admission to discuss transferable credits.
  • The applicant should also submit an endorsement or letter of recommendation from an articulation officer or advisor from CCC.
  • After matriculating at Lewis, students can continue to earn credit through the City Colleges of Chicago upon mutual agreement of advisors from both institutions and only up to the 72 hour maximum.
Students pursuing the Bachelor of Science in Air Traffic Control Management (ATC) will also need to meet the following requirements as part of their bachelor degree program and to meet the hiring requirements of the Federal Aviation Administration.
  • Must maintain an overall 3.0 GPA in major courses in the ATC program with no grade in a major course below a "C", including a grade of "B" or higher in all mathematics and science courses.
  • Must pass an aptitude test midway through the curriculum.
  • Must pass a comprehensive examination after successful completion of all courses.
  • Must pass a physical examination and aptitude test administered by the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) in order to be admitted into the required FAA Aeronautical Center program in Oklahoma City.
  • Successful completion of the Aeronautical Center Program including an FAA sponsored internship.
  • Students unable to meet the graduation requirements or FAA criteria for the Air Traffic Control program will be given the opportunity to complete either the Aviation Administration or Aviation Security bachelor degree program as an alternative.